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Toward Protecting all of Humanity and its Biological Legacy

When I mentioned this process of population replacement in the 1960’s to various young politically astute Mexicans, they were of course fully aware of the issues, and they were very surprised that I knew about what they considered their conquest and psychological warfare strategies, and they would say to me, “You know this?” I responded, “Of course.” Or they might respond with, “congratulations you figured it out.” They may have had perhaps a little concern because the U.S. and local governments were sponsoring, welcoming and paying for their breeding and the huge population replacement program, which the Latinos were exceptionally well aware of. I mentioned that I made a few population projections which extended well over 50 years foreword and gave the dates for their becoming the majority population in California, which they agreed was probably accurate; and which in fact actually happened much faster, all within just over 30 years; given an intentionally wide-open border along the entire south and a practically open boarder immigration policy signed into law by president Johnson in 1965, and followed-up with several massive amnesty programs under Reagan. -->

Additional laws were passed by numerous state legislatures and judiciaries which declared that no form of citizenship or identification was required to obtain medical or birth related care, education, government housing program support, food coupons to feed an entire family, school lunch programs, financial aid, free immigration and attorney legal services, job search assistance as needed, and many other welfare programs. With elementary education alone costing the tax payers $12,000 per child and with 6 to 12 children in school, the citizen’s expenses frequently ranged between $100,000 and $200,000 per family each year, only a portion of which may have been transferred to the families as cash. --

I personally don't care if I were married to a person of any race, whether Latino, Oriental, European, African, etc. and I couldn't possibly care if they were racist; simply because each person is entitled to their racial preferences as a natural and a human right; just as we have a right to any other personal preferences. What is an issue of public and private concern is abuse and violence, not harmless preferences. When the media takes harmless preferences and redefines them as violence or abuse, they are creating propaganda and a strategy to control and defeat people, and when the impact is population replacement or genocide, and when the beneficial legacy of a people that has taken countless generations to evolve is lost forever we have the emergence of a human tragedy that needs to be addressed through factual information and understanding, and that is my purpose here whether it's comfortable or not. If there are any factual inaccuracies they will be corrected based on more accurate information. --

Never would it be appropriate to say, suggest or believe that one people were good and another bad to instigate conflict, but it would be accurate to illustrate where deceit, delusions, aggression and violence are promoted by each side of an aggressive event, in order to help with understanding and the reduction of conflict. But of course abusive people will always defend their own forms of propaganda and aggression; and as a result any effort to resolve conflict or aggression will be attacked. I don't see any evidence of a willing evolution toward understanding and peace, but perhaps the pressures and suffering that we inflict on our lives for no reason whatever could be a reason to want to increase our understanding and create the cooperative resolution of our human evolutionary process; but certainly such an understanding could be seen as a conflict by the economic interests who want to make ignorance and oppression financially profitable, no matter how inefficient domination actually is. --

Naturally any form of aggression or invasion is always a surprise to its victims; otherwise the aggression or invasion couldn't take place; and given that people are educated by television news and otherwise not particularly interested in what is going on, then surprises are inevitable and regular. Mexico, China or any of 223 other countries would never allow for the wholesale termination of their populations through a massive dose of birth control pills and sterilizations, while simultaneously providing for a huge government sponsored population replacement program; and if it did happen anywhere else there would be endless global accusations of genocide, embargos and UN troops on the ground. Such population replacement and genocide programs are not going to result in cultural or ethnic diversity; as most people have been trained to believe with religious zeal as a result of media propaganda. Biologists have proven that biological diversity is achieved through cultural separation and biodiversity is greatly reduced or eliminated through cultural mixing. Diversity emerges as a result of separation not mixing or domination. Geneticist were undoubtedly correct when they suggest that there is little genetic difference between the races; but of course by that measure there is only a little genetic difference between a Redwood tree and any person; since how genetic mechanisms create developmental differences wasn't looked at until more recently when it was discovered that there is surprisingly little genetic difference between a mouse and a human and that other genetic factors had to be considered. So we actually have no idea of how much human genetic potential, and how many specialized survival qualities will be lost if we throw away all that the earth and nature has given to us, and built into our beings over at least 50,000 years and more than 2,000 generations, through the creation of a blended human mono-species. The world would be extraordinarily incomplete if there was only one species of bird on earth and one species of fish in the ocean, although it would make designing fishing boats very simple; however farmers and manufactures may really like the idea of less diversity since it simplifies their production machinery. While we could expect that there are some benefits from some racial mixing, it’s also obvious that homogeneous societies like Japan, Russia and Germany perform extremely well in the Olympics and are able to originate exceptional scientific discoveries; so humanity has not been dependent on out-breeding for its success. -->

Nevertheless the huge corporations had somehow decided that a completely new population could create a more subservient and faster breeding collection of consumers that could benefit retail sales growth and consequently improve their stock prices, so the genocide did occur quietly and successfully; just as the native Americans were exterminated because their indigenous societies had little or no need to buy the consumer products from the industrial states, nor participate in industrialized farming. So it was a business decision in the 19th century to exterminate complete indigenous populations just as it is today; and such crimes are the most egregious acts of criminal behavior we may ever consider; that will undoubtedly require a full and complete process of restitution from the complicit governments, the participating corporations and the individual beneficiaries on a worldwide basis. --

Those who suppress thought about any such issue by using accusatory labels such as racism are themselves the oppressors and the purveyors of a hate crime. An abuser in this context is a person who causes harm to another, and then typically blames the victims for drawing the abuse on them self, in order to escape any review of their abusive strategy, which is nothing less than the process of a continuous assault. Of course most people don’t bother trying to follow any of the issues involved and are willing to simply join in on the assault of anyone who tries to offer any greater understanding, perhaps because the abusers are considered the stronger, even though they are usually very unproductive, but only clever at controlling others ultimately through fear and punishment. The media and the schools may simply be the tools used to blind people so that they cannot see the obvious, and undoubtedly make everyone too fearful to discuss the facts or the data, with concerns about being demonized; and so our social propaganda is promoted practically identically by both the political left and the right. While the corporate-right created the population replacement program, the liberal-left defended the program and demanded that society completely pay for the population replacement program, with the labor and taxes on the people who were being eliminated, which was exactly what the corporate interests wanted, there is literally no difference between the goals of the political left or right in these matters, since most people just want to be consumers and defend consumerism to make themselves happy. What social institutions have learned since World War 2 is that gassing and burning people is extraordinarily objectionable, because it is visible; but that the voluntary acceptance of birth control to create a sharply declining population, while forcing them to pay for the birth and education of the children of the illegal immigrant replacement population is generally acceptable by using sufficient media propaganda and lies; however the results are identical; although the more recent U.S. genocide is so far about 10 times greater than the Jewish exterminations of World War 2. Of course the Jewish holocaust scholars probably never even noticed or even cared about the recent genocide that they claim to be vigilant and guarding against; in which they are also significantly included. --

During the past 2 to 3 decades universities have been promoting racial assertiveness by creating positions and departments to advance black and the majority Latino racial identity, which is itself is not any issue to regard, if the same were offered to the exceptionally small European community. However it has been regularly noted that any position or effort which would help the European minority is to be openly demonized as a racist hate act, with such accusations even made by Europeans, after they have been fed with over 3 decades of anti-European blame, guilt and hate propaganda by all the media since 1968. Up to about 1978 the anti-European propaganda in the U.S. was exceptionally raw, or simply blatant hate speech which was presented on network television daily, and after about 1998 the intensity began tapering-off, perhaps since the media conditioning program had been completely successful in devastating the European population, reducing its reproductive numbers from approximately 95% to 20% in southern California. Leaders like M.L. King Jr., Bobby Seale (Black Panther founder) and Cesar Chavez had all advanced the interests of humanity, and of course including their own communities; however the leaders that followed had no such vision or concerns, and initiated a blame and hate campaign which was blatantly anti-European in nature based on false accusations that the media aggressively promoted, since it conformed to their corporate financial interests. --

How does the concept of “separate but equal” harm anyone? If there is no demonstrable or actual harm, then why prohibit separation; obviously it’s going to help some people. In a school setting, why force non-violent students to be mixed-in with and abused by violent students? Is equality the right of the violent to abuse others? Large numbers of teachers have quit teaching because of violence and threats that they experienced at school. I never understood how a teacher could be frightened to teach children; and then I met a young man who was about 6’ 4” tall who taught high school, and tried to bring art and photography programs to the school to stimulate the young Mexican youth’s interests. The Latino youth told him they ran this school and that he had better obey them or else he was in trouble. Then one night over 20 miles from the school in a well locked house, the Latino students quietly broke into their house, and took his wife’s lipstick and wrote all over their bedroom, while they slept, how they completely controlled his life and his survival. So he began looking for work in Hollywood doing voice-over's for commercials where he did well. Of course other teachers have been murdered and assaulted, or were just forced to leave given sufficient warnings. --

Population replacement is the ultimate objective of the most vicious kind of warfare; now whether the war accomplishes the goal through overpopulation or through violence the result is exactly the same, only the propaganda is different. U.S. government and social institutions followed the media’s propagandistic lead by creating new categories of crime directed against ignorant whites called “hate crimes”, as if violence were not a sufficient criminal category; so we now have a racial demonization category. The media and the government agencies had thoroughly concealed the Department of Justice data which showed that Latinos commit 3 times as many violent crimes as Europeans, and that the black population commits 15 times as many violent crimes with 8 times as many murders as the Europeans; and that a European is 80 times as likely to be violently attacked by a black as the reverse. Nevertheless the media continues to portray Europeans as the only instigators of violent crimes against blacks; and when 2 black serial killers killed only Europeans with a rifle through a car’s taillight in the Washington DC area, no mention of a hate-crime was ever made. When the Los Angeles Times published the extraordinarily high black violent crime data, a reporter mentioned that there was such an onslaught of hostile complaints from the black community that the huge newspaper would never consider publishing any such crime statistics again. --

There is no doubt that aggression and violence drives the availability of information and regulates the governmental and societal decision making process. Abuse only serves the purpose of perpetuating more abuse, which results in little tolerance for the emergence of understanding, peace and equality. If people cannot observe or openly discuss the largest population transformation or genocide, since the annihilation of the Native Americans, and perhaps exceeding those numbers, because huge economic interests decided on the genocide; then it would be unbelievably dishonest not to discuss the event in detail. Without doubt people should loose their jobs for suppressing any information related to such massively significant matters impacting human survival. --

“Manifest Destiny” was president Polk’s excuse offered to extend the country west, completely disregarding the extraordinary indigenous civilizations that grew and cared for the environment as the sacred treasure it is based on social principles that are thousands of years in advance of western civilization. More recently the excuse that Mexicans advance to defend their conquest of the United States is that “it was always ours.” Why because Spain had a map of the west with their name on it and when Spain left it somehow belonged to Mexico? Well then Spain would still have a prior right to a claim by that measure, and then what about the aboriginal people that were here for up to 50,000 years? Well the Mexicans then say well, “We’re the native people.” The arriving Mexicans are neither an indigenous nor an aboriginal people and don’t care to be, and never lived like aboriginals; they are a national people that are intolerant of North Americans or Central Americans or South Americans residing in Mexico, and state their exclusionary clause in Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution. Obviously migration should be reciprocal and approximately equal not a form of conquest. The Apache Indians had to continually defend their areas, not from the indigenous people in Mexico, but from the far more aggressive Mexican nationals who regularly used their army to try to conquer Apache territory. Geronimo’s autobiography exposes the tremendous amount of bloodshed required to keep the Mexicans from conquering their territory. A thousand years earlier the Hopi allowed the Aztec’s to enter what is now Arizona from Mexico. After the Aztec’s became imbedded in the Hopi society they experienced great problems with Aztec violence and ritual murders of the young Hopi, and finally for their own protection they expelled the Aztec’s back to Mexico and lived largely in peace until today in a beautifully undamaged natural environment. California Indians along the Mexican border were never tolerant of any incursions, whether from Mexico, Spain or anywhere else, and consequently they protected their communities until today. Recently the president of Mexico Vincente Fox indicated that their constitution, which excludes immigration and land ownership by non-Mexicans, is not going to change. --

In many ways Mexico is an extraordinary place to live even if just to leave the oppressive bureaucratic control in the U.S. that makes it almost impossible for an individual to build their own home that is ecologically considerate. Extraordinary architects like F.L. Wright had hundreds of their creations denied a building permit by U.S. bureaucrats, even in the 1920’s and 1930’s. A Mexican architect said that to build your own house you just get a permit for about $5 and simply tell the government when you are done building, which is incredibly less oppressive than the U.S. Unfortunately it’s very common for a police officer to come along some time later and say there is some technical problem with your title and your home is going to be occupied by somebody else tomorrow, however you will have enough tome to put your clothes in you car. However the poor of Mexico are allowed to build whatever they can and not be forced into homelessness as in the U.S. Children in Mexico appear to have more personal discipline, consideration for others and a willingness to study, all of which is much less likely to occur in the U.S. Mexican cities are many times more compact than U.S. cities and consequently function well without freeways, however with a lot of ride sharing and busses. While Mexican cities appear vital like America of 100 years ago, no doubt primarily the most desperate and aggressive entered the U.S. where many of the young create gangs and engage in violence; why would the qualities of desperation and aggression be intentionally imported to extinguish and replace the exceptional culture that was California? -->

Why would American’s welcome 10’s of millions of immigrants? So they could get a slightly lower price on their lawn mowing, or save a few pennies on their vegetables? Those who left Europe were sold on a democratic mythology and completely abandoned their ancient cultures to become part of the corporate marketing vision, what a huge blunder. Nevertheless a vital American culture began to emerge, that disagreed with the corporate plan, and so the young American culture had to be destroyed to maintain total control of American’s lives; further America’s corporate billionaires were tremendously more clever than most university professors or the young who were all fed a lifetime of propaganda. Given the horrendous damages people have caused to this extraordinary continent and to each other, and considering how very few people actually help humanity or nature, so far there is little doubt that there is not the slightest total positive value to all of humanity. From an ecological point of view there would be little loss if all of America’s immigrant’s bulldozed their resource wasting cities and went back to where they came from; of course America’s violent quest for oil and money may help accomplish just such a purpose. --

In 1910 the Mexican population was 10 million, by 2000 it grew to over 100 million in Mexico and perhaps 60 million in the United States, which is a phenomenal growth rate, which is more than an entire population doubling each generation or every 25 years, that is continuing at a high pace, in part thanks to Catholic theology, and the suppression of birth control in both Mexico and the U.S., as well as the willingness of Mexican families to have large numbers of children, not unusually between 10 and 18. As populations rapidly decline in Europe they will no doubt be traveling to Europe in large numbers, just as the extraordinarily high birthrate Arab countries have been doing for decades. In one generation Mexicans will be able to produce over 300,000,000 children, enough to completely replace every person in Europe; how does such a strategy make any sense? However there are billions of people and hundreds of billionaires who do think catastrophic conflicts make sense and don’t care about the consequences to anyone. --

Every evening I used to talk to a janitor from Mexico whose wife had her 12 child while in her 50’s, so I asked why he had such a large family, he said, “Of course we know about birth control,” but then he said, “but we will eventually have the numbers to overwhelm this country, and when each of us has a gun we will win any battle and then we will be in control.” I responded with, “Don’t you think that some government agency in literally any country or perhaps some lone scientist somewhere would quietly create some kind of communicable agent to limit human population, whether it just disabled us a little or perhaps just reduced fertility as TB does when it scars a fallopian tube?” A few days later his friend brought by a handsome young Latino man, perhaps to say, see what we could do, and naturally I thought that life was a hope; the creation of understanding may begin with life and beauty, which ultimately supports understanding; but unfortunately can not undo an enormous genocide. --

Since this subject is all about money, power, reproduction and race; and with Europeans being brought-up in religions founded on guilt and shame they couldn't possibly talk about such subjects; and significantly anyone who had the presence of mind to open people’s eyes, was then demonized as a “racist”. Which means what? That they are violent? No. That they are against other people? No. Does it mean that they have survival instincts? Well absolutely every ethnic group has that quality, or should if they don’t. Perhaps it means that they have personal racial preferences? Well now that’s a real crime! Again every person on earth has personal preferences on every imaginable subject, and they are certainly entitled to their personal preferences; and that’s certainly not a matter of harm to anyone. The word racism could only be a tool to destroy understanding based on a massive process of indoctrination in order to stop anyone from interrupting a corporate and government driven genocide program directed against the European population; it is a fully engineered process. The same process of human commercialization, indoctrination and genocide is occurring in Europe and anywhere there is an educated middle-class. Unfortunately better-educated people may have been type cast as a threat to total economic dominance and political subservience, which has been the focus of concern by the world’s billionaires. They have before and will continue to use deceit and genocide to mold human biology and human thought to their requirements of total domination, through decades and centuries of malicious propaganda. When lies have been so often repeated for so long, no matter how absurd, the lie becomes a reality that can not even be questioned, or personally considered, or publicly discussed; and once the lie becomes the unquestioned truth, the justice system which is owned by financial interests will deny all human rights and civil rights and enforce the process of genocide. --

Of course European populations couldn't possibly believe that they would be exterminated by big business, who they aspired to be a part of as employees or stockholders. Undoubtedly only the heads of the huge corporations would have the motivation and access to power, to create or participate in an involved plan for population replacement; the rest of the corporate management team would likely have little or no awareness of how a plan were coordinated even if the process even existed, no matter how blatant or obvious, even if they were essential participants; since any complex process is broken down into numerous independent tasks that are apparently unrelated and certainly no overview is ever provided practically ever in any large organization anyway. So once a process is started involving the legislature, the immigration service, boarder patrol, the police, the media, social services, birth control distribution, physician’s attitudes, the courts, the public, industrial policy and so on, the process will perpetuate itself, and all the individual components and the individuals will all reinforce the independent goals of each group and maintain continuity and perpetuation, without allowing for any contrary or objecting comments; of course until it is forever written into history or until the voice of reason captures the attention of a few people and the immense hoax is exposed for all to see forever as a monumental tragedy. --

The 1960’s began America’s genocidal process; with the mass distribution of oral birth control pills, fear of accidental pregnancy, fear of global overpopulation and the widespread acceptance of sterilization as the safe method of safe sex; over 7 million children per year were missing beginning in the 1960’s, based on population comparisons; and immediately the replacement populations were allowed to flood in through a southern border that was wide open 24 hours a day, with only the pretense of patrol being offered by the immigration service. Unlike Japan or Europe the multi-national corporations never had any interest or care for the U.S. population; more significantly they began to view world economic control as their greatest opportunity, and America with its bright people with concepts of human rights, as the enemy, and consequently proceeded to dismantle America and Europe. --

Aggression and deception are not roads leading to the survival of humanity; conquest through a high birth rate, population replacement, guns, bombs or biological weapons all have the same purpose and the same results; one approach is not life giving and nurturing while another is evil and mean; all such inconsiderate approaches force us into conflicts and tremendous losses. Consciousness is the way out of this predicament. Biological consciousness can benefit all peoples and care for all human qualities. But were told we must never do anything truly creative by the huge number of ignorant and fearful Luddites because, “That is playing god!” Well the alternative is to just perpetuate the pressures that are always resolved through conflicts and wars, which is just playing the devil; how would that be better? Media propaganda and the suppression of information is simply the course to social distrust, hatred and conflict. In a world that is growing increasingly crowded, consideration for the survival of all peoples needs to be a major consideration. Human continuity and survival needs to be considered as a whole, not divisively, through deceit, aggressive overpopulation or fear. Since this subject has been so profoundly stigmatized in a 3-decade media assault based on deceit, slander and false accusations; and because it is a significant matter of human survival, it would be difficult to discuss the matter at all without addressing the essential facts and deceptions that have been accepted a facts through endless media repetition. Naturally anyone could be negatively characterized for simply providing facts essential to an open discussion of this immensely important subject. To address the bureaucratic decision making perspective; if the approved societal or institutional response is simply adjusted to silently accept genocide or to perpetuate related social abuses, because we don’t feel comfortable hearing the subject discussed; perhaps since it conflicts with the media propaganda that has programmed our thinking over the past few decades; then any decisions founded on such a basis which affects another may be a denial of civil rights and subject to prosecution. Of course most social institutions have always been at the service of the powers they felt were most threatening to their self-perpetuation; perhaps because they may have such a good thing going, by not having to produce anything particularly useful for a considerable amount of money on a regular basis. Naturally the bureaucratic function of most government agencies and schools could be served far more conveniently and perhaps better through an automated web site. --

On a natural basis, migrations take place comparatively slowly and appropriately, allowing time for the slow absorption of change and the consideration or protection of cultures and biodiversity. However governed by huge business interests people are massively and rapidly replaced and extinguished by design for immense financial gains through overpopulation and through increased retail sales, or to achieve domination through greater subservience to corporate interests; or through the infliction of shortages, famines, greater struggle and higher prices; as well as by keeping people divided and being enmeshed in personal conflicts or impoverishment, and more fully dependent on big business and governments, and significantly without the ability to create any kind of independent personal solutions. --

Hate in our society is protected through ignorance and suppression of thought. If you disagree with what I am saying please mention any errors in the data or the understanding. I am certainly not telling anyone what to do with their lives; I am however defending human biodiversity and our long-term continuity. I have nowhere said that racial mixing is in any way wrong, that would be foolish since it’s an unquestioned human right that has never been stopped by anyone; however it would be equally foolish to say that racial preferences are wrong, or freedom of association is wrong, or cultural continuity is wrong, or anything which freely encourages human diversity or separation is wrong whether based on knowledge, personal interests, race or any other basis. None of these things are wrong and all are ways of caring for humanity’s continuity. However I am saying that the genocidal destruction of any portion of humanity is phenomenally destructive to our continuity and survival; and that such a genocidal process has been defended and covered-up through deceit, accusations and fear of our oppressive society’s ability to smash anyone. I have also noticed that Great causes have Great enemies, and know that when visions are founded on deceit change is not likely and that slander or violence will be used to defend their version of history; however knowledge is the opportunity to expose deceit, oppression and mass death. --

This is such an extraordinary world, so why would anyone not want to personally see the life and death events that are continually going on around us, and be helpful to all people by participating with our evolution and care for the earth? To appreciate what people care about we simply need to follow their overall expenditures, 1st there are expenditures for the purchase of unnecessary things, 2nd a huge amount is spent to assault others, whether through warfare, prisons or attorneys, usually with the purpose of getting more things, and 3rd there is a need for medical or psychological relief to reduce the pain of either working for, or forcibly acquiring all the needless things and having to protect them. If the actual consideration and care for the evolution of humanity and nature amounts to less than a fraction of 1% of anyone’s income or labor; well then that’s the actual value we assign to the earth and the billions of years of evolution needed to create our lives, and this may well be our only opportunity to act as a human being, the dominant species on this rare planet and offer some consideration. It’s extraordinary that we would ignore the plight of our thoroughly manipulated and deceived species? How could we let the rainforests be destroyed; humanity’s only refuge, should our burning 100 million barrels of petroleum a day triggers an ice age or even if it naturally occurs? Who will do the possibly impossible task of trying to recreate the immense forests that continue to be eradicated for beef production? Given the massive damages people join-in to cause through governments accounting for hundreds of millions of dead during the past century and a natural world that may cease to exist; as well as how few people personally try to help in any significant way; there may not be not the slightest positive value to the aggregate of humanity. There is no mythological person who will do all the good deeds in life so we could do nothing, and no corporation who will control the world for our benefit. --

To reduce all further abuse, violence and extinguishing the peoples of European descent, independent reservations shall be provided and secured forever, exclusively for the people of European descent (herein referenced as: the people); which shall not be controlled by any other government, social institution or business entities, nor persons who have oppressed, deceived, devastated or caused any aspect of genocidal destruction of the people; and which shall provide for assistance to restore the population of the people to the condition of physical and genetic health and well being, as well as viable continuity, providing for access to all assisted reproductive technology without reservation; while providing full consideration for the protection and restoration of the natural world; with freedom from personal abuse, violence and adversarial justice based on punishment, conflict and expense, while adhering to principles of consideration, mediation and the restoration of all losses; while providing advanced knowledge, research and skills to each person without engendering resentment of learning through authoritarian teaching and measurements; based on the use of very low impact homes and cities that are designed without causing harm to the natural environment, and which restores more than displaces nature, and which creates its energy needs from the sun and from sustainable, non-toxic agricultural resources; further where each person can acquire and use additional land and may optionally include the land and resources in the reservation as designated in perpetuity, without any form of taxation imposed on any person or on nature. Each participant of the reservation shall be provided 20 acres of land in their region for common caretaking purposes and for the protection of nature in perpetuity. --

On federally and state protected and culturally respected Native American reservations, race is the basis of membership and participation, including all economic and property rights. Most significantly for well over 125 years there have been virtually no problems or objections to such completely racist and exclusionary policies, on reservations which have been rapidly growing in population, as well as in communities which have become extremely wealthy through casinos and other businesses. So why would any other community be denied equivalent cultural and survival protections; particularly when peoples lives, continuity and survival are encountering disastrous assaults that are genocidal in nature with historically unprecedented losses? --

If the wealthy need more people to consume more products to make more money; undoubtedly robots could be created that consume products 24 hours a day, work for minimal pay and are totally obedient. Alternatively the entire process could be simulated on a small computer, without any factories or robots consuming products, or any destruction of natural resources; ultimately the computer only has to wire transfers of funds to banks exclusively to the world's wealthiest people, to keep them from becoming violent, which has always been the purpose of any modern economy anyway. Destroying people's lives to forcibly redistribute wealth through violence, aggression, warfare and genocide is of course murderous criminal activity, undoubtedly without any statute of limitations, which constitutes war crimes with global consequences on the beneficiary's future generations. --

If we believe that being exposed to abuse, violence, overpopulation, economic subservience, media propaganda and genocide is a personal obligation because that’s what we were taught at school, home or church, well then you are certainly welcome to it. If you want to inflict pain and suffering on others for some kind of financial or political advantage, and then experience resentment, violence and retribution; of course you may be able to perpetuate all these struggles, abuses and addictions that you may cherish, but at a tremendous cost. For those who care to nurture life and nature without experiencing such personal abuses or addictions, by enjoying their own work, life and responsibilities, well they too have the right to avoid anyone’s vicious assaults and create a life that is beneficial and fulfilling.

Deceit and the Perpetuation of Abuse and Violence

Why is deceit perpetuated? It’s the typical precursor to abuse, the excuse for violence and the strategy for domination. Deceit pervades every aspect of life; personal relations, business, dating, marriage, having children, education, environmental destruction, immigration and overpopulation, which can transform itself into genocide. Everyone claims they want to avoid deceit, abuse and violence; but then most perpetuate it through their economic decisions, personal relationships, business, government, marriage, religion, then vote for it, imbed it in their children and buy it in their food, wasteful cars and environmentally destructive houses. Deceit cannot be easily separated from our lives; it is extremely costly and devastating to our lives, so why is it incessantly perpetuated, why don’t we stop its perpetuation? Deceit, abuse, fear and violence are all protected socially and through adversarial legal procedure, in order to perpetuate a long list of delusions and presumed advantages that are rarely considered and almost never ended, with tragic consequences to humanity

  1. Hearing delusions may sound more appealing than the facts; and so they are perpetuated.
  2. Deceit helps avoid reality, which may require personal responsibility.
  3. Deceit becomes dominant and objections are silenced when they’re backed-up by abuse, threats and force.
  4. Deceit reverses blame, when the one causing the harm blames someone else for the damages the abuser is causing; often requiring that the victim has to defend themselves against lies, while the abuser simply observes and throws out additional false accusations.
  5. If the victim can be accused of the most trivial defect, then that defect is magnified as a moral or legal shortcoming that is worse than mass murder; and so completely absolving the one committing serious harm and deception.
  6. When a victim feels dependent on a deceiver, they will usually perpetuate all the abuse they are enduring.
  7. A deception repeated often enough becomes a reality.
  8. The rewards for a deception may appear to be high, while the potential for have to provide restitution may be non-existent.
  9. Most people consider personal responsibility and work so unappealing or difficult that deceit looks advantageous and much easier.
  10. While a hard working person has little time to develop deceptions; an intentionally idle person does have to contrive deceptions.
  11. Working people have to practice how to control themselves in order to accomplish any task; while a person who deceives can develop schemes to control many others, and potentially get very rich, and become the subject of the greatest admiration.
  12. The working person most often ends-up working for the deceptive person, with little influence over their work and little reward.
  13. Whenever there’s a management opportunity most people are used to considering that a deceptive bully who is substantially ignorant will simply frighten people to work harder and blindly follow orders.
  14. Since the more deceptive person usually controls much of the world’s economic resources, they end up controlling government and the laws that perpetuate deception.
  15. Deceit is learned at a very early age through the observation of abuse and deception as a source of power; and such patterns may not be changeable latter in life.
  16. In a society founded on deception an honest working person is the social outcast, given little or no opportunity for participation, fewer social possibilities and relegated to a role of subservience. So in the conventional world a person would appear foolish not to be deceptive; but what is overlooked is that the process of creative discovery is usually incompatible with a life of deception.
  17. Theft of an innovation is usually much faster than the long process of origination, development and testing; however little understanding is conveyed through a theft, even the taking of an idea. Nevertheless it is common in industry, and the result is degraded quality and diminished survival potential.
  18. It is easier to threaten and destroy than to struggle, create and protect.
  19. The abuser believes that they have a right to control or destroy as a self-anointed predator; but know that abuse cannot be openly discussed; except knowingly and with discretion among other predators.
  20. Abusers absolve their deceit by getting their victims to admit to some kind of guilt.
  21. Religious teachings such as “love your enemy” or “turn the other cheek” are promoted to support subservience and perpetuate abuse. Nothing is ever mentioned about how to detect and avoid abusers.
  22. Conformity to abuse, deceit or violence is usually acceptable if it’s promoted by people in uniforms, or by anyone with excessive financial resources.
  23. Deception supports a reproductive advantage by exaggerating one’s financial and personal health advantages, or even one’s willingness to be subservient to authority, to help provide an illusion of family security. Personal responsibility, hard work, honesty, imagination and good health are less consequential qualities compared to deception.
  24. Abuse and deceit is frequently justified by pointing out a long history of abuse, as if it were a tradition that was sanctioned by some kind of a super human being that was beyond questioning; which is frequently the basis of many legal decisions.
  25. Abusers will be careful to assess any non-abuser’s potential for submission to authority or for inflicting damages.
  26. An abusive and deceitful environment is one where people wouldn't consider or perhaps wouldn't even know how to discuss, analyze and act on any significant matter.
  27. All media, and especially television is a designed to provide a process of life-long indoctrination to an economic and social belief system founded on very poorly considered choices that may cause tremendous personal and social damages.
  28. A requirement of deceit or violence is to keep the objective a secret, because a malicious purpose is likely to upset most people and render the deception ineffective. For example if an immigrant group wants to conquer a neighboring country, they may say they are simply needy until they become the overwhelming majority and the population replacement program is complete. Every conquest has promoted their false cover story as an excuse for their invasion.
  29. While abusers need to blame their victims both for the invented accusations as well as the crimes committed against the victims; however since the accusations are not true, the abuser tries to get the victim to admit to some aspect of the false accusations, ether by force, threats, fear or by cleverly wording the questions to imply guilt, or by lying, false accusations, or by fabricating false evidence.
  30. Even when falsely accused the victim is so smeared by degrading lies that the abuser looks relatively clean; while the victim is left defending against a growing list of accusations intended to perpetuate damages.
  31. The aggressor repels personal fear, while instilling fear in others; the aggressor expects rewards by instilling fear or causing damages to others, by extracting energy, labor and the possessions of others, without any concern.
  32. Deceit or abuse, no matter how clever, is not particularly a sign of intelligence, while it may be understandable as a defense, initiating an assault may reflect a lack of mental energy or ability, or morbidity by inflicting suffering or perhaps the intentional reduction in cerebral blood flow to induce a rage which is rewarded by power and control.
  33. Deceit, abuse and violence are the foundation of social, governmental and economic power over others, which are supported by an adversarial or abusive legal system.
  34. Political and corporate jobs practically guarantee that deceit and false accusations will deliver political advantages, promotion and economic success; when initiated by a lifelong abuser with considerable experience.
  35. Anyone who works hard to create something of value will usually be ignored, resented or robbed.
  36. Abusive childhood experiences prove to a child that abuse is the basis of personal power and success, and so it’s extremely unlikely that this pattern ever changes; which is an exceptionally different worldview that the non-abuser barely comprehends, and consequently is highly vulnerable to an attack.
  37. To an abuser, words have a very different meaning, which result in completely different personal conclusions when compared to others; so reasons and analogies are interpreted very differently, ultimately with little or no possibility of bridging the gap in understanding.
  38. Entertainment and art is frequently directed to soothing the feelings of abusers, who will get very hostile if the truth about their lives, or their love of abuse in government or business is ever criticized. Consequently filmmakers, artists and writers tend to stay with safe subjects that don’t encourage change.
  39. Deceitful or destructive actions are excused because they may not appear to be tremendously damaging on the individual level, because it’s usually on a small scale; however when multiplied by thousands, millions or billions of times, then small individual damages can eliminate forests, cause genocide or end life on earth. Each home bought in a subdivision devastates the natural world. Why can’t each individual see this and respond to life and their personal needs in a far more considerate way?
  40. The overwhelming majority see some advantages for and in fact use deceit, even if it’s only to deceive themselves; or perhaps perpetuate deceit through governments, religions or schools. Naturally the person who doesn't deceive can become labeled as the enemy, the accused, the cultist, or the aberrant because the majority cannot be defined as wrong.
  41. Fear drives deceit. Greed also drives deceit. Deceit creates fear and can recycle back into deceit to help reduce the fear. Naturally deceit can protect against abuse and be defensive; however an assault may be measured by the actual damaged caused to nature and humanity, minus the possibility and the commitment to the full restoration of all damages. If everyone has to pay for the damages they cause; that’s something an abuser probably won’t voluntarily accomplish, even if they claim they will undo their damages; unless perhaps a larger deception is in the works.

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